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Ciao a tutti!

It's here finally, I'm pleased to present the latest arrival. I had to provide for some company for the KB 4...

Apart from the stunning looks this beast really rocks and funks! The tap coil switches add many more sound options to the already vast range of tones available. The single coil sound is a little thinner and almost identical to the J-pickup sound, but you can compensate this with the mid range switch. This bass is truly a work of art, I did not interfer during the works, I just waited patiently and trusted in Rob, Dawn and their team. I only ordered what I wanted and Rob did the rest…waiting time was less than 12 weeks!Clap

Sorry for the bad quality pics which really do not do it justice, I will try to make some better ones in the near future. The cocobolo top looks really much better in the flesh. Unfortunately I am not as good as Todd or Moo doing photos..Angry

Anyway here they are...Smile
'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
Very very smart bass Stefano - Congratulations !!!

PS. For the pictures, just invite 'Santa' or 'Todd' over and he will take care of that !!
andre wrote:
Very very smart bass Stefano - Congratulations !!!

PS. For the pictures, just invite 'Santa' or 'Todd' over and he will take care of that !!

Thanks André! Santa Todd (or anyone of the Statii-Family) is always welcome!
'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
Congratulations Stefano, that is lovely. I don't think you can beat a good piece of cocobolo on a Status and your bass has a great piece on the face. Clap
Unfortunately for everyone else I own the best Status bass ever built. Pfft

YouTube - https://www.youtu...shelf_id=0
che bestia, well done stefano. hope to see her in flesh soon....Wink
moo-wood-kingbass artist '07
green S2000 fretless
markbass micromark

Life on earth may be expensive,
but it does include an annual free trip around the sun
That is absolutely stunning Stefano!!! What a gorgeous bass and very cool looking with the tap switches, I am drooling!! Clap

I would be more than happy to get a few shots of her and my baby together, send it over, heheheheh.

Congradulations on an exquisite bass, are we gonna get some sound samples?
4 Asians, 2 Brits, 1 French and also some basses
Yeah that looks real nice well done Stefano, you won't be disappointed! I love the top and wraprounds. Kb 2s are the Dogs.....Grin
Simply beautiful! I wasn't a big fan of the KBII shape before now: to me, it always seemed out of proportion with the wide body and skinny pickups, but with 5 strings and the soapbars, not to mention that incredible cocobolo top, it suddenly looks 'right'! - that's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
franbam42 wrote:
che bestia, well done stefano.

il notaio conferma... lol

technically and optically ( fantastic top ) truly a work of art ( e io pago ! ) Grin
'13 Stealth
That has re set the bench mark since Todd's one! All future Statii should be that nice.
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
Superb buddy... Very very nice indeed!!
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity... and I'm not sure about the former."

- Albert Einstein
Very nice indeed. Mr. Green has outdone himself again, that's a beauty Stefano, Congrats!
Very lovely indeed,very tasteful and classy and the wraps are a great choice to round it off.nice one .cheers
Did you know that an over exposure to shit drummers can make you ill ,Sad
travelingbassman wrote:
Very lovely indeed,very tasteful and classy and the wraps are a great choice to round it off.nice one .cheers



That bass looks stunning - congratulations!! This should ease the pain of parting with the Series II #142 ;-) I am very happy with it indeed!
Congrats Stefano looks a beaut Clap
Very very nice, Stefano - Enjoy, mate! Cool
Status S2-Classic, Enfield Lionheart Prototype, MusicMan Classic Sabre, Fender Classic Player Rascal
Phantom NIN
Drew, owner of:

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Status Streamline 5 32"/16.5mm

TC Electronics Rebelhead 450
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RS 1x12
Lovely bass!Smile kind to each other...
Thanks for all the nice comments guys!!Smile
'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
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