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A New Retro-Active J4
Alan Fourstrings
Hi all,
I am new on this forum, but reading the threads for a few years, I could collect
a lot of useful informations. Being already the proud owner and player of a
Kingbass Black Beauty and an S2 Classic, I thought it was time outing myself.

But the main reason is Rob built me a very special and unusual bass that arrived
last week. It's a Retro-Active J4 with a beautiful figured maple top in cherry
amber sunburst.
And it's the first one equipped with the new 2010 J pickups (MK's anniversary KB?)
and a new 2 broadband eq.
Fortunately Rob sent me some pictures he took, my camera constantly saturating
at the view of the red top.




- Alain -
That is one beautiful bass. Just beautiful. How does it sound?

Fat Rich
Gorgeous bass! Beautiful top and wonderful colour.

Welcome to the forum!
Stunning!! Clap
I've been a lurker but might as well show off my babies. A recently acquired S2-5 and my old and trusted Energy-5.
The basses I see in this forum is jaw-dropping!!
ebaj attached the following image:

Edited by ebaj on 31-07-2010 21:16
Did you know that an over exposure to shit drummers can make you ill ,Sad
Ooh, sorry, I've just had an accident. That bass makes me week at the knees. Beautiful. Clap
Unfortunately for everyone else I own the best Status bass ever built. Pfft

YouTube - https://www.youtu...shelf_id=0
Wow, that is just classy and clean. Congrats!
Alan Fourstrings
About the sound of the Retro-Active J4:
With both pickups, eq flat : it’s a well balanced « hifi » sound, not as scooped as
on a regular Jazz Bass.
When activating the onboard eq, it’s different from a KB electronics where bass
and treble act on a rather narrow segment. I'd say that this is more a rock
and hard-funk sound machine. This wideband bass eq adds deep-lows to low-mids
making the sound warmer and denser for a “vintage sound”.
The wideband treble can be defined by “wild and dirty”, very effective and extreme
compared to a KB! Of course changing pickup balance multiply the sound
possibilities. These J pickups are really amazing: extreme lows to extreme treble,
no noise, no hum!
In conclusion, this bass can be a punchy, aggressive and wild beast, but it also can
be very mellow and warm; it’s always different from a KB or S2, and I like it.

- Alain-
welcome to the forum, that bass is stunning , another one to add to the GAS list!
KingBass Prototype 4, MooWood KingBass, Streamline
I want one w/o the leds though. Just stunning...
For sale: Red Status S5000
For sale: White Westone Spectrum V5 (now fretless)
Very nice indeed! A very different shape, but still a true Status!
'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
My carbon graphite footprint:

Status S-II
Status KingBass Paramatrix
Lobbying to have a Status B3 designed!
...probably the nicest bass to emerge from Colchester...

2013 J Bitsa Graphite
AI Clarus 2R
PJB 4B x 4
That is SEXY. I love my Black Beauty RetroActive J4 but this is superb Smile
Retroactive J / Ashdown amplification and BarefacedBass cabs
paul clifton
So pretty
Kingbass serial number 16 - rosewood and walnut
STATUS Hotwire strings 30-90 hex core
Rob emailed me pics of this! I recently enquired about an S2 with a faux binding. She's a real beauty!
Mostly when I see a glossy masterpiece on here I just think I'd never take it to play at a pub gig and that the walnut body on my Energy makes the most of the graphite neck. And that I prefer my black fittings. But wow..that bass is a Ferarri! If anything might make me dig out the piggy-bank and select an instrument with my eyes, it's that one. Congratulations to the happy parents.
Alan Fourstrings
Hi all,
Thanks for the comments. Well I played some gigs and sessions with the
Retro-Active. She may be beautiful, but soundwise it's an agressive and
brutal beast, in opposition to my KB1 BB, exteme deep lows and crashing highs.
She's really for rock / hard rock or Larry Graham heavy funk slapping.
I've been playing the KB1 for 5 years and I wanted something different
(made by Status) and Rob did a fabulous job.

A few pics with the beast in action



beautiful bass, dig that top
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