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Just thinking
What about

Kingbass Neckthrough
chambered body
16 mm spacing
Two P pickups
B2 electronics

Just dreaming , my newly born trips leave little time for the moment beside dreaming and writing this short post

My carbon graphite footprint:

Status KingBass Paramatrix
Dare to dream my friend.... its cheaper than actually spending real money!

I like the idea, what affect would the chambering have though? I cant think it would have that much affect on an electric bass. How about adding f holes and going for the semi-acoustic vibe? Though you would probably need a MkII size body for it to have an affect on the sound..... Now I'm dreaming Ha Ha
Everything sound like a great idea bar the pickups. But then I am not a fan of P bass pickups. Have them put in a hum bucking case and then that maintains the clean lines of the bass. Clambering the body would make it light as a knat's hind leg. Keep the dream going.
I still just dream of the headless B3......that's forth coming.....Rob??????
Kiesel Vader Short scale headless
Kingbass Artist 32"/16.5mm
Wilkat/Steinberger Custom
Reverend Wattplower short scale
Gallien Krueger MB150E
Mesa Boogie Walkabout 112
DrDAV wrote:
I still just dream of the headless B3......that's forth coming.....Rob??????

That would make me stop dreaming , and go straight to the website to order it Dave !
My carbon graphite footprint:

Status KingBass Paramatrix
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