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Need advice : amplifying your Status
Hello all,

I recently purchased a late 1980's S2000, and tried it during my two last rehearsals.
It's very nice to play, but I have several issues with the sound : it's very raw, I would even qualify it as "creaking" (at home she sounds nice but I don't play that loud).

It's probably due to the small 100W Hartke combo available in the rehearse room (I tried all the possible settings to correct it).
But my P-Bass Plus sounds pretty nice on it.

I'm considering replacing my own amplification device, and I need advices.

What are the brands/series/models/settings that get on particularly well with our Status active basses, according to you ?

I like Trace Elliot very much. Markbass looks interesting but never tried any of them.

Any advice ?
Can't go wrong with many of the new D class amps. Mark Bass, Aguilar, TC electronics. All super nice. My advice would be to get a Tech 21 NYC Bass driver DI pedal, Makes any amp sound better!

Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
Thanks for your answer Danny, I go take a look at these brands.
Last year I bought a lovely 1986 S2000 with GMT pickups- I've used a Markbass 4x10 rig for the last ten years,a superb amp setup capable of any style.
With my other early 90s Status bass and jazz etc,it needed very little eq to get a "fat sound."The Markbass amp has a basic eq section with a pair of filters-it's generally easy to get the sound you're looking for.
The first time I played my S2000 through it,I found it lacking in usual amount of bottom end and the mid range was extremely prominant-a far cry from "back in the day" balanced sound I recalled through my old Trace rig.
I did a bit of thinking and picked up a MXR ten bend eq 18v,decent quality unit.Put it between the bass and amp and "BANG"...a bit of low end boost,mid cut-similar to the old Trace "smile" presest EQ curve and there it was....the exact mid range,controlled growl and top end cutting sound I knew was there,unique to the S2000.
The older Status basses have a very different,mor aggressive tone to the new kit (in my opinion)...the S2000 now sounds exactly how I remember it and is a joy to gig with and play.
Hope this helps and good luck Smile
I started years ago with Eden and Markbass 2x12. You have to like the Eden sound, especially the enhance section. I "upgraded" to Eden WT550 (hybrid) with Eden 4x10. Great sound with my Ibanez and Carvin basses. Last year I ordered my first Status. S2 headless/through-neck. Awesome bass but I couldn´t get the right sound with my Eden set. Every amp manufacturer has its own sound but I was looking for an amp that offers me the pure Status sound. I tried Orange, Ampeg, Bergantino, Eich, Mesa and finally ended with Glockenklang. Blue Sky with Take 5 Neo. Wow - what a combination. Pure and powerfull.
Thank you guys for these useful answers ! Clap
Now I have to give a try to some of these solutions ! Smile
I have had great success with the Mark Bass LMII and LMIII amps into MB speakers
Status Stealth 6, Clement Anne 6-string, LMIII amp, Mark Bass Speaker Cabinets, various pedals (always changing)
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