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B1 Electronics
Jus Lukin
Hi all,

This my first post here, having not long ago taken delivery of my first Status, a headed Stealth II- thank you Luc! As expected it will need some different strings and a bit of a setup, but it looks to be a cracking instrument.

My question is regarding the electronics, the B1 circuit: The layout appears to be the same as the 303 board, but the mid switch appears to be cut/boost only, with no 'flat' setting. Is this correct?

Could the board be replaced with the 303 board if it came to it? Seems a shame to replace the board on a bass which is still so newly built, but the closest I can get to a flat starting point is with either everything maxed out, or everything fully cut, although the mid-freq knob still has a big sway over the voicing, even then. This also doesn't leave much room to tweak the sound- at least with everything boosted I can cut the treble somewhat like a passive tone control, but I think I'd like a flatter setting without such extreme EQ on the bass.

I almost hope I'm missing something obvious to get a flat mid setting!

Thanks, Andy
Hello Andy

the mid switch appears to be cut/boost only, with no 'flat' setting. Is this correct?
yes it is

send an email to Rob for the rest Smile
Jus Lukin
Thanks Luc,

Good to confirm that I was hearing what I thought!

This is my first active bass for some time, and in the past I've always started 'flat' and EQ'd from there if needed. After a little experimentation I'm finding settings which could work well for me with the B1 circuit- I'm going to try it 'in the field' before I make any solid plans to change the electronics.

Either way, I'm very exited to start getting out there with a Status in hand!
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