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Washburn S1000 distorted sound problem

i'm having a problem with this bass, ii gives a distorted sound.
I assumed battery was dead and tried several new ones but the problem persists.
Could this be a defected potentiometer ?

thank you
Hi, I refurbished one of these a couple of years ago. I am not a luthier, just a bass player who likes tinkering around with old basses. Old pots can crackle a lot and it's usually down to a build up of dirt/dust etc etc. So first try to clean them. Take the knobs off and try spraying 'sparingly' a 'little' WD 40 on the pots' shaft, where it goes into the body. Then turn the shaft back and forth slowly for a minute, wipe off any excess that is on the woodwork. Give it 5 minutes, then plug it in and see how it goes. This worked for me, hopefully it will for you.
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Not sure if these models had a trim pot on the circuit board, if so, dial it back a bit!
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Thanks for the replies, i will give it a try.
According a post on a washburn guitar forum these basses seem to have the PS1 board.
And indeed print has pre-set 1 on the back but the volume pot legs are bend to be able to fit. This print is still available, but will try to clean pots first.
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