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Graphite Replacement Necks
Hello all,
I was wondering if the replacement necks sold on Status' website are kept in stock, or all custom order. I'm in a bit of a bind, as my fretless was damaged at a rehearsal this week, and I need to get a fretless neck to convert my J-bass while the S3 is in the shop. Plain fretless is definitely preferred. I really only have four weeks until I need to tackle quite a lot of gigging and studio work, so having something custom made just isn't an option at the moment, unfortunately. If anyone could give me more information, it would be greatly appreciated.
Mickey Jamieson
I got the impression that necks were stock items, but I could be wrong.

Shame you're overseas, as I have a fretless neck (a lined one, on a Warmoth Jazz body), but I really want a fretted one.
Er, your best bet is obviously to contact Status, who will know their stock levels, rather than us, who won't!
Status Empathy 4-string headless 1995
TC RH450 (x2!) with Genz Benz NEOX 212T & STL-10T
I just received today my fifth Status neck (yay!): I ordered a plain fretless, satin finish and it was definitely not stock: took about 5 weeks.
Perhaps some more "standard" options (fretted Jazz, fretted Stingray) are in stock, but plain fretless would probably be made to order.
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