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Sonic Groove
002 rep? Shouldn't it have UFO & Saturn fret markers?
N0 003SA is the one with Saturn inlays this a copy of The 002SA Live at Wembley bass mate
this is a replica of 003sa without the inlays, i know because my dad ordered it back in 1997 Smile lovely bass!
Fender Pino P bass.
Its only a 003 eeplica if it has saturn inlays, its a 002 replica with dot inlays. everything else about 002 and 003 is identical thats how i see it.
Except the different amount of body laminates and the finish used Smile I'm just saying the way it was ordered, either way it's a lovely bass and I'm sure whoever owns it next will love it Smile

Just a bit of trivia here aswell, when it was ordered it had the pointy wooden pickup selector and brass back plates

Good luck with the sale mate
Fender Pino P bass.
Marcus both 002 and 003 have seven piece laminates . if you look closely 003 four aminations and are much darker than you dads bass .The thiner laminations on your dads bass are light walnut. I can post close up of both basses you see for yourself cheers man
Edited by TOMAS on 22-05-2017 10:31
002 actually only has 3 through the centre of the body, the red colour is masked off to give the effect that it has 5 running through the centre...

anyway it doesn't really matter Smile
Fender Pino P bass.
Heres the real 002 not a copy that looks like seven piece lamination to me

Heres you dad bass

Here the real 003
Note darker laminations

No worries its only a piece of wood haha..
Edited by TOMAS on 22-05-2017 18:52
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