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Trace Elliot T-Bass - Active Mode lower output than Passive Mode
I recently got hold of a Trace Elliot T-Bass 5 string.
What a fantastic neck, tension and tone. Very responsive bass.
However, the output level in Active Mode is significantly lower than that when in Passive mode.
I have searched forums and seen hints of suggestions questioning the quality of circuits and components.
That is something I would not and do not imagine of a Status Graphite made bass.
Any thoughts? Are they meant to be like this?
All help appreciated.

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Status Graphite The Groove Bass 5 & Trace Elliot T-Bass 5
Yamaha BB734A & BB615
Hofner 500/1
Epiphone EB-1
Hi, not sure what circuit board the T bass had, does it have a 'trim' pot on the board to increase gain?? Hopefully someone here will know the answer.
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
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