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Upcoming - 4 String Streamline to be offered
I still need to get it ready for eventual shipping - within the US only - but I wanted to put up an alert ahead of time for anyone interested in purchasing a standard, non-Custom Streamline. "Mint" would be in the box, unopened upon arrival. It's not Mint. On the other hand it was played for several hours during three band reunions three different years with minimal pre-event personal practice sessions. So what does that make it? Somewhere between lightly used and excellent condition, taking into account the timeline?

I'll let the mental image form as it will, but here's a few telling details: purchased when I was 62; played only by me and my two best friends after I forced them to accompany me on a ballad I wrote and played on a nylon stringed guitar; played out of my house only when it was in someone else's living space; has spent 95% of its gifted existence in my non-smoker's office in its original soft case, both 9Vs removed and in baggies; and I'm the type of person who spends much of the time watching my 3-year old grandson - who has always been at least two floors away from the Streamline - saying "Be Careful!".

Be sure that when it goes up on eBay I won't be repeating any of the above, but know me by these code words, "Status-Graphite 4-string Streamline" when it does.

I don't know, maybe in a week or so? And though the graphite would only scoff at the thought of going out into this week's SE Pennsylvania weather, I wouldn't ship until the temperature improved.

So send your neck-diving disappointments packing and if sound quality and precise, comfortable playing matter more to you than looks and post-77 Precisions - while my diminutive hands jones a BendWell version - get ready to monitor the horizon soon.
Be sure to get at least one picture of the bass with your grandson.

…Anywhere near E-town or Lancaster?
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