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Newbie from the Netherlands
Hi everyone! I've been on board since last June, but I haven't properly introduced myself yet. My name is Jeroen, 34 years old, from the Netherlands. I've been playing bass probably for about 15 years now. I've played in a few bands, from dark Nick Cave-like pop noir and murder ballads (with The Bullfight) to modern, melodic, female fronted metal with heavy pop influences. Currently my only band is left incomplete. Our singer had a 4th child on the way and just didn't have enough time anymore, and our lead guitarist left for Oxford for 3 years after he finished his chemistry PhD and won't be back soon. I'm mostly playing at home now, or jamming with the remaining guitarist and drummer. We've been struggling to find a new singer and haven't given up yet, though we're not putting as much effort into it anymore either... It's still good fun though, thankfully.

I've been drawn to Status ever since I saw a beautiful, bright white S2 Classic with Roman numeral inlays for sale on I had heard of the brand, and had seen Buzzards, Kingbasses and S2's before, but I knew nothing about them. But I knew I needed to have that bass, it had so much appeal! I was too late though... Last May, after 11 years, it popped back up! This time I didn't hesitate. I was still intrigued by its clean looks and the beautiful combination of the pure white body and all-black fingerboard with the striking Buzzard-style Roman numerals. It took some time for it to arrive all the way from Israel (!) but it was well worth the wait. It's one of the most comfortable basses I've ever played, it looks even more stunning in person, and it is in excellent condition for its age! It has the old Hyperactive soapbars and a Board 300 preamp. Ever since I started playing it, I knew I had to have a 5-string too...

...which popped up on not much later, in September. It's a 2012 S2 Classic bolt-on with a poplar body in black metallic, with a Board 303 preamp, which belonged to lefty008 (RoCool on this forum. It has been my go-to bass ever since!

S2 Classic 5-string headless, black sparkle
S2 Classic 4-string headless, pure white, Roman numeral inlays
Welcome welcome!

Lovely basses. Strange seeing them left handed!

You're safe here... We don't judge!

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity... and I'm not sure about the former."

- Albert Einstein
Yup, I was thinking there was something special for a moment before realizing the basses were simply left handed!

Nice instruments for a first come here, congrats!

S2 Classic 5-string headless, black sparkle
S2 Classic 4-string headless, pure white, Roman numeral inlays
Yup, very nice, it is stunning too!
Don't worry about the singer, go avant gaurde fusion instrumental band Grin
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
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