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Status Artist Eclipse LTD Edition 50/100 noisy pickups
Hi all,

I've got a '96 Status Eclipse neck through LTD Edition 50/100 with twin chrome covered pickup's that was giving me some problems. Sometimes when I would touch one pickup it would start to buzz in a similar fashion to an earthing problem. What was interesting about the problem was that sometimes it was the front pick-up and sometimes the back and sometimes neither. After pulling everything apart and checking the wiring, replacing batteries and even temporarily connecting an earth wire from the pickup cover to the ground I finally decided to order a new circuit board. My rationale was that it would be highly unlikely for there to be a problem with both pickups.

A week later (living in the USA)....MY circuit board arrived and I installed it Viola no more buzz. Not sure what the exact problem was but it is now solved www.jonrandall.com

Would love to hear from other Eclipse owners
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