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Status Jazz Necks
Dear all,
I noticed that the section on Status replacement necks has been redone on their website.
Has anyone ever asked or know why Status does not offer graphite 5 -string replacement jazz necks. They do offer 5-string versions of the MM necks but not the Jazz neck....Why? Lack of demand?
I would definitely buy one right away
The only option left would be a Status 5 string T- Bass.
If anyone knows why, please fill me in.
Thanks in advance!
Edited by cecoulter on 30-04-2018 10:30
2000 Status Eclipse Custom 5-String
2009 Status Smart Bass 5-String Fretless
1993 Yamaha TRB 5
1930's German Upright Bass
2012 NS Design CR4T Electric Upright Bass
I think it has something to do with the molds used...i.e. probably haven't got one!I guess email Dawn and ask? I think it's a very relevant question as we are seeing more and more fender 5's played. I think there is a market for it, when I put a status neck on an old P it was a dream to play and well worth doing. Perhaps they just need a neck to model the mold off if anyone has one!
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
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