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Greetings from Canada
Hi All!

I've been playing bass guitar for 40-odd years now. I've owned upwards of three hundred different instruments over the years, and during the first decade of this millennia I was blessed to be supervisor of design, procurement, customer relations, QC and testing for a large bass custom shop in Europe. So I really got to play 'in the deep end'. Certified bass-o-holic, yep!

Lately I have been refining my personal tastes after a few years bass-playing hiatus, and as of today I have ended up with eleven various bass guitars, four of them Aluminum-necked. A couple of months ago I finally ordered myself a STATUS GRAPHITE. (t'was good enough for John Alec...)

If things play out the way I hope, then I can simplify my life considerably by using the Status for rounds, and keeping two or three of my current basses for "Tapes", "flats", and maybe one for "detuned flats".

Looking forward to to receiving my Status the first week or two of December, if all goes according to plan! Grin
Welcome onboard. 300 instruments I think more than qualifies you for a bass forum. What Status model have you ordered?
Unfortunately for everyone else I own the best Status bass ever built. Pfft

YouTube - https://www.youtu...shelf_id=0
A 4-string Streamline, with the bendwell option. ( Otherwise bone stock ) Smile
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