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Tenor S2 Frippertronics
I haven't been using my S2 as much as I'd like to since the S3 arrived. What to do? Restring it and tune it ADGC. Job done.

This is what came out of it today. Not going to be to everyone's taste and, indeed, some might even say "it's a complete load of rubbish".

YouTube Video:
That sounds pleasantly orchestral, and really brassy in places. Is it driving a synth voicing downstream, or is that just the bass tones filtered and recirculated with lots of reverb? I have an SY-300 that someday I'll get time to play with, but I hadn't thought of getting an e-bow, too... Smile
As Queen used to say; "No synthesizers were used on this recording". The sound comes from the bass going through an EHX Micro POG. No lower octave and upper octave about 60%. The Ebow helps produce that tone too. I'm mixing reverb from the Strymon Big Sky in and out with the Helix pedal. Michael Mannring uses and Ebow quite a bit as does Steve Lawson.

Be interested to know how you get on with the SY-300. Never felt the videos on YT did it justice.
Sonic Groove
That's really nice Graham very listen-able.

Be interested to know what strings & gauge You use for Tenor tuning?

Thanks SG. They are of course Hot Wires, what else.
A .075
D .055
G .035
C .025

With my fivers I tune EADGC so I just took the top four strings. Fraid the other basses are feeling a bit neglected now.
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