Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Phenolic Fingerboard

Posted by hairy tongue hairdo on 21-10-2020 13:46

Hello, and thank you for your help. Has anyone epoxy coated their fretless Phenolic fingerboard, as an added layer of protection against the wear from using round wound strings? Interested in hearing any thoughts on the subject. I play with a fairly light touch and my vibrato is side to side, still the wear is beginning to show. A coating would protect the board but would also increase the high end, my Stealth is fully covered in that area. Don't want to change string gauges. Light sanding when the damage starts to affect the notes? Please inform me of the obvious and the not so obvious solutions to the future problem lieing in wait. Thanks again. Everyone please take care and stay safe. It's crazy out there.

Posted by cecoulter on 22-10-2020 16:19

Hello, I have a Status Fretless bass that has a graphite neck and phenolic board. I bought it new in 2008 and play it all the time. I play a lot of upright bass, so I have medium gauge round wound strings in the fretless. There are a few marks on the phenolic fingerboard but nothing to worry about and definitely much better than having a wood fingerboard.... I think phenolic fingerboards are the main reason to get a Status fretless. I definitely would not coat the neck. Hope this helps, Chris

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Posted by hairy tongue hairdo on 23-10-2020 04:00

Thanks Chris, I'm leaning more towards leaving everything alone. If it ever gets bad enough that the wear affects the notes, I'm sure there are some remedies that can fix it. Thanks again.

Posted by whitewater on 26-10-2020 07:40

Second that.My Fretless is Not a Status, has an ebony fingerboard but again, you play to get the Sound you want. Wear and tear is normal. If your main goal is to avoid wear and tear, Not playing is most effective.

Posted by me4bass on 27-10-2020 08:48

The 3-band EQ/mid switch on my two fretless Status basses give me all the potential for Mwaaaah that I need. D’adarrio Chrome flats are what I use on both the headed and headless Statii. They are brighter than most flats and vibrato up and down the neck is more comfortable with them as well. Overall, sound great and are less destructive than roundwounds and string bending, if you are concerned.