Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: 2013 KingBass Artist in immaculate condition (front & side blue LEDs, 32" with bendwell, 16

Posted by Kalwynn on 22-01-2021 22:33

Hello all, hope everyone's fine around here. I'm about to be a dadSmile and I'm selling several of my intruments in order to make room for the baby. So let me introduce this gorgeous 2013 KingBass Artist with front and side blue LEDs I bought second hand in 2017. It's in excellent, I'd say almost « new » condition, and comes with its Hiscox « Status » case. Here are the specs : Neck : woven carbon graphite, 4-string, fretted, black phenolic fingerboard Scale : 32'' with bendwell String spacing : 16.5mm Facing : flame maple Veneer : black Back : utile Finish : high gloss polyester Pickups : 2 x soap-bar Circuit : board 303 Hardware : chrome Front and side LEDs : blue The more I look at it, the less I want to let it go away !Smile I'm not primarily a bassist, and I realize I mostly use more « simple », passive instruments on my projects. Now here are the « bad » news !Wink I'd rather not ship it. I live in France in the Paris area, and I even may deliver quite easily in France, depending on where you live. Original price on the invoice from 2013 was 3395£. I'd like 3000€/2700£ for her. If you order this exact same model right now from Status, price will be more than 4800€/4200£... and you have to wait for 5 months before playing it. This one is available right now ! I'm not in a hurry to sell, and all your questions are welcome. Hope to read from you ! PS : excuse my english ! Smile

Posted by Rehsart on 26-01-2021 04:40

I had the chance to see it in real life : This bass is beautiful and completely new ... A treat for the eyes but thunder for the ears. Good sale my friend!

Posted by Kalwynn on 27-01-2021 21:49

Hey there ! Nice to read from you ! Wink It's great to have an answer at least, people seem to be very quiet around here ! I'll probably try another forum quite soon.

Posted by andre on 28-01-2021 01:14

Lovely bass indeed ! It's a bit quiet as we upgraded the forum recently and had some technical issues. Good luck with the sale. André PS. On parle aussi français ici Smile

Posted by Kalwynn on 31-01-2021 00:59

Merci pour le petit mot André, j'espère que les petits désagréments techniques seront vite résolus ! Smile

Posted by andre on 31-01-2021 03:49

[quote name=Kalwynn post=56604]@Kalwynn - Merci pour le petit mot André, j'espère que les petits désagréments techniques seront vite résolus ! Smile[/quote] Merci ! Juste une question de temps Smile

Posted by Kalwynn on 03-02-2021 17:24

Sold. Thanks everybody/merci à tous.