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Posted by Jim on 01-07-2008 10:58

Early to mid-1980's Trace Elliot 1110 Combo for sale.

This is a classic Trace combo, comprising the GP11 MkV preamp, and a 150w (vastly underrated on power by Trace - this is a trouser flapper above about 5!) power amp, with 4 x 10 original custom Celestion for Trace speakers. Not to be confused with the post-Gibson takeover stuff, or the new Peavey owned re-issues.

Two of the speakers have been replaced in the past, but with original items - only the cones are a slightly different colour. These drivers are all pre the Trace Elliot lettering on the cone centres, which is authentic for the period.

Originally made with black vinyl covering, this was in a poor state when I purchased this combo around 5 years ago. I had it recovered in original "new old stock" Trace Green Carpet with stainless corners which I had to re import from British Audio in the States! Cabinet also fitted with locking castors at the same time. Grille and handles have been resprayed, and a new enamel Trace logo fitted.

All knobs and sliders are present, and everything works a treat, with the exception that the Graphic and Pre-Shape switches can be a bit recalcitrant (common fault with the GP11) but a couple of prods sorts things just fine! These functions work perfectly with the Trace footswitch (not included as I need it for my AH250 and only have the one - they pop up on eBay from time to time) in any case.

There's a speaker output for a second 4 Ohm cabinet if required.

Both cosmetically and functionally, the Combo is virtually as good as new.

Prints/.pdf files of scans of the original user manual and circuit/service diagrams are available if required.

Given the size/weight of this piece, shipping is not really viable. It can be collected from me from to the South West of Norwich, just off the A47 or A11.

Looking for 300 o.v.n.o.

You guys get first refusal - I'll put it on Basschat if there's no interest in a few days, and then on the dreaded eBay...

Thanks for looking!

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Penultimate bump before it goes on basschat, then eBay.... Frown

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Final Bump - eBay tomorrow!!Shock

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Christ Jim... I wish I could mate!!!

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Jim wrote:

Bump - 24 hours left - 17 watchers and no bids - someone's gonna get a bargain......

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Sold for a bargain 250!! Shock

Posted by katiehem on 24-11-2009 12:14

Really? I'm so sad i was not able to catch up with the auction. The buyer's so lucky!

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