Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Marcus Miller Jazz Statii

Posted by johngh on 25-06-2011 21:42

Fat Rich wrote:
You might want to consider changing the Fender preamp, it sounds pretty harsh to my ears. I run mine through an old Sadowsky preamp and it adds loads of warmth and fatness without losing the clarity.

Thanks for the reply's guys.

Just got back after a weeks holiday. I'm going to see what it sounds like once it's bolted together, than maybe get a Sadowsky pre for it. Getting the body tomorrow, and then the neck should be here next week. Maybe going to take all the bit's to Jon Shuker to piece together for me to make sure it's right.
I want to make sure it's going to be a keeper before I throw any more money at it though.
I always fancied a Jazz or a Stingray with a Status neck on it. Bass Direct had a nice Stingray a few months ago with a Status neck on it that I just missed.
I just never imagined dropping onto a Marcus Jazz body though. It should sound superb.