Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Refinish Status Energy 5 Walnut

Posted by rogerio_paulo67 on 03-08-2012 18:23

uau...its looks new

Posted by aarts on 07-08-2012 09:03

Final pics placed with the Status logo on the neck....

Posted by DMZ on 04-09-2012 22:50

Looks the business !

Congrats on what looks like to be a not too stressful restoration - well, apart from the scratch !

I used to have one of these and seeing this brings back nice memories of one of my first 5-strings.

Posted by gary doubleballend on 06-09-2012 00:16

i am in the middle of restoring my series 3000 headless. at the moment i have the forth coat of clear satin on it and so far so good, anyway your bass looks awesome...good job and bet youre pleased..i just wish the process was a bit faster as my stayus is my only bass at the minute so no playing for me lol