Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: What Amp combined with speaker for New KingBass Parametric

Posted by Garbo28 on 29-04-2019 09:00

peterh42 wrote:
Hello, I have ordered the above for my upcoming retirement. Want to learn to play the bass as will have more time. Want advice for a good combined amp/speaker to compliment the KingBass Parametric. Plan to learn at home for my own enjoyment and donít expect to make any public performances!

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance Smile

Sounds like a sensible thing to spend your money on for your retirement Smile . The answer depends on what you want from the rig, but the man himself (MK) uses a TC rig. Granted his Blacksmith head and RS Cabs are probably a little much for bedroom playing, but they make smaller rigs, in fact on youtube he demos a BH800 head with K-Series cabs and a KB with Parametrics which could be helpful to your decision. I have used TC, Trace and Ashdown rigs with my KB (though granted it is not a Parametric version) and all have their plusses and minuses. At the moment I quite like the sounds you can get out an Aguilar amp (but have yet to try one)

What I would suggest (which is what I did do when I had my new KB in my hands) was go to the best equipped music shop I could find and then play loads of combinations of heads, cabs and combos and find out what I liked the sound of. It doesn't matter what anyone elses opinion is, it has to sound good to your ears. Good luck and enjoy the process.