Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Empathy / Series 2

Posted by moo on 30-09-2019 16:53

energy3542 wrote:
Thanks Moo!
If you take the page 3 brochure of 1998 catalogue hosted on this site (, my bass looks pretty much like the figured maple Empathy but it has different pots' style (same number and position but different material).
If you take this other catalogue page ( Series 2 and Empathy look really similar, the only difference I find is the "very choicest body wood" and the "9 coats of high gloss finish" on the Empathy.
Electronics are the same.
Do you confirm these are the only difference?

Apart from that example in Catalogue 17 there were 2 differences between a Series II and an Empathy.

1/ Empathy had 11 piece body compared to the 7 piece of the Series II (basically book matched on the back too)

2/ Upgraded electronics. The series II had 4 pots (Vol, Pickup, Bass/Treble cut & boost). The Empathy had very a early parametric EQ setup with either 3 pots at the bottom or the standard 4 pots with 2 'doubles'!

I've actually never seen a Series II with Empathy electronics from that time and I'm thinking it might have been something Rob did exclusively with a distributor in Japan (as this brochure is in Yen).