Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: New kid on the block, whats the axe I got?

Posted by whitewater on 11-03-2020 20:19

Hi folks,
been reading here for some time, now I joined. Since I saw Frank with his strata (and the touch), I always wanted one of these cool basses, but thats been last millenium, and I paused music for some decades. But now I found one on ebay and was lucky to win and to meet a straight seller. So last week, a parcel arrived with this:
Yeah, I know, it's for sure no strata, no neck through and no fancy wooden facing, but sounds awsome like that clear hard tone I recall from the 80ies (I've got other stuff for the "warm, lively tones"Wink and is in pretty good condition for the essentials (fretwear, fretboard, preamp, pickups) for it's age. I'm sure, thats some character that's worth developing a serious relation toWink Besides a Squire Jazz, I got for a secondary residence and is likely to quit, now I got quit of this residence, this is the first bass I procured within 35 years, and the only not made by myself. But what is it? I'm keen to learn more.
Despite browsing statii ressources up and down I'm not sure what model I'm looking at.
Its said to be repainted black, with a fairly good job, maybe the station-loo-tile colour I see in the electronics compartment is the original colour. Neck is bolt on, old style, no truss rod, J-Style hyperactives and the circuit pretty early model. Layout could suit an Energy, a series 3000 or series 5000, but I'm wondering what the body is made of. Definitly does not really looks like wood, could be moulded plastic. Oh yeah, the scale stops at 4.8kg, what should be some 10,6 lbs.
So if you have any idea, what I'm dealing with or details, I should look for, pls. let me know.
Whereas the pics only show as links, you may also view the german crosspost here:

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