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December 23 2013 10:55:07
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March 06 2021 06:34:11
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TheGreek1 hour ago
Why are there no dates on any of the thread titles? I can't see when threads were started so no idea if I've read them....frustrating
andre15 hours ago
@moo Thank you Sir !!!
moo2 days ago
Happy Birthday to the king of statii
andre24 days ago
@Dabass Cool !
Dabass25 days ago
@andre Works fine now! Just updated my profile with a new password.
andre25 days ago
@Dabass Thanks for letting me know, I have removed Skype for the time being as I cannot make it optional.
Dabass25 days ago
Whats with the Skype contact information? I tried to update my profile with a new password, but can't cause I don't have a Skype ID?
andre26 days ago
@MDRyan545 Not yet but it's coming!
MDRyan54529 days ago
is there a Satii server to register my bass, as owner?
andre29 days ago
@moo Thank you so much Moo now let's post some stuff !
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