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Empathy 5 strings serial number

Last updated on 7 years ago
Posted 7 years ago
Hi all!
I have a Empathy 5 strings, with serial number 0782226, which I bought used some years ago, and I would like to know if anyone has a clue on what year it was made.
I've already sent an email to Rob, but I got no answer...
I've also checked the Database, but I find no pattern in all the Empathy's serials.
If someone could give me hand?


Posted 7 years ago
That looks like July 1998. 07 is the month then the 8 is 1998. the other numbers just denote the number of the bass. Unless someone knows differently.
Posted 7 years ago
Yes, I read about that rule already.

But searching the database for Empathy's we get exceptions to that:
- 1995 / 046204
- 1998 / 1756/1171616

These might be abbreviated:
- 1998 / 1740
- 1995 / 2456
- 1989 / 704

This is the only one within the rule:
- 1997 / 971428

And these are all the 7 Empathy's in the database, and no pattern is visible to guess the serial number on mine.

But the stronger bet is definitely 98.

Thank you anyway! :)
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Danny4 days ago
Hey everyone, a bit older but still kicking about!
Jaden22 days ago
I have a 2020 S2 Classic that distorts when I put the bass pot at about 3/4. Batteries are new,
Jaden22 days ago
Does the board 303 EQ have a gain output trim?
andre1 month ago
@thegreek Good point! Will look into it
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Why are there no dates on any of the thread titles? I can't see when threads were started so no idea if I've read them....frustrating
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@moo Thank you Sir !!!
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Happy Birthday to the king of statii
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@Dabass Thanks for letting me know, I have removed Skype for the time being as I cannot make it optional.