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couple of serial numbers

Last updated on 6 years ago
Posted 6 years ago
I proudly own the following Status Graphite basses:

Status Graphite S1 classic 4 string (active) serno 05043025 carbon neck, headless, medium scale (bendwell),
Status Graphite Shark 4 string (passive, one PU) serno 1058, wooden neck, regular headstock
Status Graphite The Groove Bass 5 string (active, cream) serno 0281728, wooden neck, "regular" headstock

I do not know which year said basses above were build, I also know nothing about the woods used.
Perhaps you could help out here. Not too important but still interesting (for insurrance purposes) is the original price.
I could make pictures and post them hiere if that makes it easier for you to help me.

I also own a Status Graphite 5 string S2 classic, carbon neck, headless but I got all the information I need about this one.
Posted 6 years ago
The serial number on the first one would suggest May 2004. 05 being May and 04 being the year. Second one I can't help with. Third looks like February 1998. 02 being the month and 8 the year.

At the top of this page is a link "Catalogues & more". Click on that and you will find all sorts of info about Status basses. Pictures would be great. We are all tarts for them here. :D

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Danny4 days ago
Hey everyone, a bit older but still kicking about!
Jaden22 days ago
I have a 2020 S2 Classic that distorts when I put the bass pot at about 3/4. Batteries are new,
Jaden22 days ago
Does the board 303 EQ have a gain output trim?
andre1 month ago
@thegreek Good point! Will look into it
TheGreek1 month ago
Why are there no dates on any of the thread titles? I can't see when threads were started so no idea if I've read them....frustrating
andre1 month ago
@moo Thank you Sir !!!
moo1 month ago
Happy Birthday to the king of statii
andre2 months ago
@Dabass Cool !
Dabass2 months ago
@andre Works fine now! Just updated my profile with a new password.
andre2 months ago
@Dabass Thanks for letting me know, I have removed Skype for the time being as I cannot make it optional.