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Long time owner, sad times

Last updated on 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago
I am the proud owner of a Series II 5-string headless, circa 1986/7, serial number 008, red flamed maple with carbon graphite through neck. I have owned this bass for over three decades and through good times and not so good times, was never tempted to sell it. Until now. Over the years, the bass seems only to have become more beautiful. It lasted longer than my first marriage, it's older than my grown up children and it is simply the most beautiful thing I have ever owned.

On the Status site, Rob writes that selling the original S2 is the biggest regret of a bass player, or so he hears and I can believe it. I noticed that the remakes (only 14!) were going for close to £6K. When I last met Rob about 15 years ago or so, he mentioned that my model was in serious demand.

That said, I am now facing persistent hand issues and can no longer fret any instrument. These issues, due to Type 1 diabetes are unlikely to go away. In my experience, when something goes unused, it finds a way out of your life on your terms, or its own terms.

So I'm now thinking about selling it, so that someone who loves these incomparably beautiful instruments can benefit from a model that is probably among the greatest instruments ever made. I've no idea what I can expect to get for it, but I'd love to get some kind of indication of how much I could expect for my beloved 008.

(With apologies for not being able to work out how to get the image link at the top to work!)

My name's Shahid by the way, and I'm a long time video game developer who had a few interludes into music.
Junior Member
Posted 1 year ago
Welcome, despite the sad reason for your membership.

As for your picture, I can't get it to load either. I thought removing everything behind "jpeg" in the URL might work, but it didn't! It loads fine if I just copy the link to the address bar though. Beautiful bass indeed!

S2 Classic 5-string headless, black sparkle
S2 Classic 4-string headless, pure white, Roman numeral inlays
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Posted 1 year ago
Welcome from me too.

Mint condition, original hardcase and paperwork, no shipping/pickup and test possible, the right buyer, generous wife in christmas mood, snow slowly falling outside the windows....

The longer away you move from the above conditions the lower the price.
I'm far from an expert, but this is based on my own sale of a similar bass this august with a mid 70 serial number.

I would estimate that it could fetch you up arround 2800-3000 euro. Perhaps you'll have to wait for the right buyer. Like with a lot of fine art, demand varies.

Previous owner of a Series II 5 string. 24-5-89
Posted 1 year ago

There it is ‘clickable’

Very sad you have to sell your beautiful bass.

More sad news is that, although in my (and many others here) opinion these basses are superb in every way and should carry a high second hand ticket price, they just don’t fetch that much money. I have 2 5 strings... one series II and one Empathy. I paid £1,200 & £950 for them. They are both in immaculate condition. I think you will be very hard pushed to find that €3,000 price tag.

Having said that, these basses are less and less frequently seen on the market. So you might get lucky!

I wish you all the best with your sale and hopefully someone comes along who is looking for exactly that and is willing to pay What the bass is worth!

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Posted 1 year ago
I bought a custom finish 80’s S2 this year that’s in immaculate condition and with a genuine ‘one of a kind’ paint job.

It cost me under £1,500 and it had been up for sale for quite a while (at higher prices) but simply wasn’t selling
Posted 1 year ago
Thanks for your feedback everyone. I think if that's the case then I'll probably hold on to it until I get lucky!
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Danny5 days ago
Hey everyone, a bit older but still kicking about!
Jaden23 days ago
I have a 2020 S2 Classic that distorts when I put the bass pot at about 3/4. Batteries are new,
Jaden23 days ago
Does the board 303 EQ have a gain output trim?
andre1 month ago
@thegreek Good point! Will look into it
TheGreek1 month ago
Why are there no dates on any of the thread titles? I can't see when threads were started so no idea if I've read them....frustrating
andre1 month ago
@moo Thank you Sir !!!
moo1 month ago
Happy Birthday to the king of statii
andre2 months ago
@Dabass Cool !
Dabass2 months ago
@andre Works fine now! Just updated my profile with a new password.
andre2 months ago
@Dabass Thanks for letting me know, I have removed Skype for the time being as I cannot make it optional.