Hi from the Netherlands - Eventually looking to by a 5 string.

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Posted 9 months ago

I decided I wanted to pick up playing bass again. Before I used the 'game' Rocksmith a lot. Thought I made lot of progress, but when playing with an amp it sounded pretty horrible. So this time I'm staying away from Rocksmith, at least for now. Working though Hal Leonard Bass Method - Complete Edition, and really liking it again.

Currently using a Yamaha TRBX 304 CAR, but dreaming of a 5 string Status. I also like Metal / Rock, and often they use a detuned 4 string. Which I did also with Rocksmith, but I don't like the reduced tension of the strings. Also learning the notes now, so want to keep it just in tune, else it gets confusing.

Really like the idea of using a Graphite neck, or even whole graphite bass. Thinking about a Streamline, but I don't really need it to be compact, and the limited toning options might me regret it in the long run. Then again it's a slippery slope and I quite like Muse, so a Chris Wolstenholme Woven Chrome seems pretty amazing.

For now I'm making an afford to train at least once each day, as it only makes sense to make such an investment if I will be using it a lot.
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Posted 9 months ago
Hello from France. I was running through the topics, and found it sad nobody answered your post.
Unfortunately I have no advice to offer, as I don't know much about Rocksmith or Streamline basses.
But IMHO it's important to feel happy about your bass and gear, so don't hesitate to purchase what you think you like the most.
There are always opportunities to sell an instrument and get another one if your tastes change ! Wink

(hope I wasn't off-topic ^^)
Posted 9 months ago
Not off topic at all. With Rocksmith I mostly 'played' songs. But they do some processing to the sound so it sounds nice as long as you hit the notes.

I'm not sure if it was on this board or somewhere else, but someone had a streamline made with the pickups placed like the CW one. That seems like the best of both. If I still want one by April first, I'm going to place an order. Probably with a red teint, 16,5 mm placing, wrap-around leds (white or red) and a satin lacquer neck.
Posted 9 months ago
Just going to keep on talking to myself here. As it turns out I don't really like shiny. So leaning towards all satin lacquer. With which the color teint would be hardly visible, so not really worth is. I think amber led would be neat, and calling her "Amber Stars". I'm also reconsidering if I really need/want the closer spacing and the pickups in different positions.

On my current Yahama the pickup near the bridge also has a bit more room, which makes the sound almost the same of the pickup near the neck. It's hard to hear any difference changing the pickup blend, so having the pickup close to the bridge might actually be nice. From the status website de difference in width at the 12th fred is only 1,2 mm, for a 5 string going from the standard 18 to 16.5 mm. My fingers are not that long, but it doesn't seem like that 1,2 mm will help a lot with fretting.

I also bough a splitter, so I should be able to use Rocksmith, while also hearing the sound directly from the combo.
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Posted 8 months ago
You might be interested in this one then:


I'm not 'recomending' it mind, I'm just a member of basschat and saw it there!

I've used Rocksmith and it is a fun tool but the bass sounds are a bit limited. You can probably find some tracks with the bass removed you could play along to.
Posted 7 months ago
I kind of want to order the first of April. But still not sure, was kind of set on a 5-string headless Chris Wolstenholme signature bass. But recently became aware of Bogart also selling basses with graphite necks. Big plus as since it's EU, the costs are clear. Also I still find it a bit weird the led for status last only 10 - 40 hours and need a separate battery, the Bogart one seems less bright also, making them more usable.

But the Bogart is not a through-neck and the bridge is one piece. So the Status is likely superior, just have to figure out how much more expensive it would be, and if I'm ready to spend so much more for it.
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