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Posted by @mikepbass on 08-08-2010 01:13

Hey guys, hope all is well. I'm now playing for Laura Steel, a London based singer songwriter, and have been for 2 months. Her first single 'Feedback' is out TODAY on Amazon, Play, iTunes and all good retailers. Purchase from iTunes here where there is an exclusive acoustic version: I'd be ever so grateful if you could buy a copy of it. It's a cracking Pop tune and we're hoping it to have great success in the charts. Any of you who came to Wireless festival at Hyde Park in June may have seen us play - obviously I used my Status for such an event Wink Our next show is the single launch show this WEDNESDAY 11th AUGUST at Madame Jojo's in Soho, London. Tickets are available from Livenation here: Would be great to see some of you there and to hear your feedback on 'Feedback' Mike

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Posted by Danny on 08-08-2010 09:27

Pretty cute....not you Mike, LauraPfft That puts the pop into pop! Best of luck, great production....who did it and where?

Posted by andre on 08-08-2010 11:55

Good stuff Mike, congrats! [movie=youtube]Ye6mpLE5Cpo[/movie] [movie=youtube]shf4Du6gjXw[/movie] PS. love the beard too Wink

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Posted by @mikepbass on 08-08-2010 11:56

Hey Danny, thanks for that, and thanks for posting the videos Andre. Laura worked with a producer in London for this particular track, I'm not sure of his name. I know Wizard Sleeve did a remix of it, which is also available in the EP package (as can be bought from iTunes). There's already been a couple of great reviews on iTunes so keep them coming Grin

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Posted by G-77 on 08-08-2010 15:31

Well done mike , have fun!!!

Posted by @mikepbass on 09-08-2010 21:39

Thanks G-77 - Im definately having fun! Fingers crossed you'll hear Feedback pumping through the radio next Sunday on the chart show Grin

Posted by @mikepbass on 10-08-2010 14:22

Hey guys, hopefully the single's doing really well. Won't get the stats until later today. Have you got your copy yet? Smile If you don't have iTunes it's also available from Amazon, and you can text FEEDBACK to 81088. (It only costs £1, and you'll get a reply message with details of the website where you can download it instantly from). If you go onto iTunes, click singles and scroll across you will see Feedback featured in the music section. Thanks and all the best! Mike

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