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Posted by Basssauage on 15-03-2016 23:54

Hi everyone looking for a bit of advice. I have a series 2 5 string which I brought second hand and can not seem to get the intonation right on the g string. It's slightly flat at the 12 th fret and sharp at the 24th. All the other strings are fine. It's a new set of strings. It's so annoying as otherwise it's a great bass. Any ideas? The bass is a 2008 . Cheers

Posted by Harry on 16-03-2016 00:36

Could be the string? I got a slight twist in one of my strings when I put it on and had similar trouble Try refitting the G string taking care to let the string lie flat Or try putting the old G string back on and seeing if the problem is still there H

Posted by Basssauage on 16-03-2016 02:40

Hi thanks for the reply I've tried a couple of strings still the same problem. If I get it right at the 12th fret it's way out on the 24th and vice versa. I don't know if it could a worn nut

Posted by Danny on 18-03-2016 12:54

Yep, a bit weird if all the others are ok. Double check the saddle, tweak the string height, you might have to just juggle that one string for a compromise. Odd though? Maybe a weeny truss rod tweak to get the G right then adjust the other strings??