Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Wasburn S1000 pre-amp

Posted by jmc27 on 09-11-2019 13:30

Hello everyone! I bought a Washburn S1000 a while back but it seems the pre-amp inside is gone so the battery is not connected to anything and it's just a simple volume-tone and blend pots that are there. My question is - do I need to get a specific Washburn pre-amp or has anyone done a mod with any old kind of preamp? I just fancy getting a bit of bite back in the old slap y'know? Vheers for any help. All the best - J Smile

Posted by Garbo28 on 19-11-2019 10:01

Check out the status website, in Online Shop / Active Circuits. They have everything still available. I know the Washburns had Status active electronics, from your description it would be similar to an old S1. If you e-mail or phone Status, then Rob or Dawn would be able to advise you as to what you would need, then after £150ish quid and a bit of soldering your bass will be slap-tastic Smile