Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: 5 string Series 2 headless wanted

Posted by musicman5 on 07-04-2020 18:10

Headless 5 string Series II wanted. Preferably with front leds, Nice top and top notch condition. Bolt on preferred but would also consider neck-thru. Would also consider a series 3, although I know they don’t come up for sale often. Standard eq wanted, NO parametrix. Just about to pull the trigger and order a new one, but hopefully something will come up before I make that leap again! Based in Cardiff. Stay safe.

Posted by Mark_ir on 29-04-2020 21:57

Still looking?

Posted by musicman5 on 03-05-2020 19:50

Mark_ir.... yup. Still looking.

Posted by Mark_ir on 03-05-2020 20:58

I bought this beauty, imported it from Singapore, but I’m looking for a headed one now instead. Just personal preference having tried this. Open to offers if it’s of interest. Please pm if so

Posted by groutbass on 05-05-2020 00:55

Have you considered a KB MKII

Posted by groutbass on 05-05-2020 00:55

Posted by musicman5 on 05-05-2020 21:37

Both stunning basses that I’m sure will sell easily. Going to hold out though and probably going to place an order this week having done the groundwork with Rob. Thank you both.

Posted by wal4string on 05-10-2021 20:49