Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Poor Low B sound on Empathy Headless 5

Posted by Whitey42 on 02-10-2020 09:39

Hello fellow Status peeps! I have an Empathy from the early 90's owed from new, and have never found the open low B to sound right. It seems to sound tonally out and doesn't resonate properly, even with the intonation right. I've lived with it but now the problem is exacerbated as my current band tunes down a full tone so I'm playing open A. I cringe when playing the note now! I'm using Hotwire double ball end 45 -130, Trace Elliot V4 or V8 head and 4x10 + 2x10 at gigs. Trace Elf with Ashdown 6x10 at rehearsals, so no problems on the amp/cab side. The Empathy has a fixed neck with no truss rod. Any advice welcome! Thanks guys!

Posted by me4bass on 03-10-2020 00:53

Try different strings, even if not double-ball. Lighter gauge perhaps (though I don't tune down)? I run Dean Markley 128-40 on my mid-90s Empathy 5. Plays and sounds fabulously. The B string has a lot of windings hanging on the core of the string. If it isn't tight, it will sound dead. Have fun jammin'