Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: S2 headless 5string Info Please

Posted by neilcatlett on 24-01-2021 15:25

Hi Does anyone have any info on the chronology of the S2 -I am trying to date my beloved bass. Its serial number 46, five string, headless, graphite through neck. Don't know the wood finish, but its a beauty!! (apologies, not sure how to add pictures to this thread otherwise I'd show you) Cheers Neil

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Posted by andre on 28-01-2021 01:15

Hi Neil, not always easy to get a date on a serial number, and I am sure some members can give you a hint (moo where are you ???)

Posted by stenobass on 03-02-2021 20:19

I am not sure, but your S2 5-string has a low serial number. Status begann to produce 5-string basses from the mid 80's I believe, so your S2 could be built in 1986/ thing would be to drop Status a line via email and ask.

Posted by andre on 03-02-2021 20:53

Also trying to revive our old Status serial numbers database, so hold tight !

Posted by Gray on 03-02-2021 22:24

Hi My S2 5 string is SN 41. I had a brief chat to Dawn at Status, who suggested it would be 85/86 ish. Kind Regards Graham